There is probably little new that can be learned from occultations of major planets events in this age of space exploration, but they are still interesting to watch. Photometric records, possibly derived from video recordings, could be used to determine the sizes of asteroids, although timings of occultations of stars by minor planets give more accurate information. - D. Dunham

All times given in these predictions are in Universal Time. Predictions included both disappearance and reappearance times, although depending on the phase of the moon, one or the other may not be possible to observe at the instant of the event. When Moon % is "+" (waxing), the planet will disappear on the dark side, and reappearance is on the bright side; when the Moon % is "-" (waning), the planet will reappear on the dark side, and disappearance on the bright side. Observing disappearances and reappearance of planets on the bright side are difficult, and accuracies in timing these events are not reliable.

Note: Cities will be prefixed with their 2 letter country code. Those for the United States will also include the 2 letter state code after the city. For a complete listing of the 2 letter country codes used in the predictions please download this PDF file for reference. How to convert the predicted time to your site location time using the A/B factor

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25 Jan 14 Saturn 0.6 RD 35- s So America, New Zealand
21 Feb 14 Saturn 0.5 RD 58- se Africa, Madagascar, Reunion Is
26 Feb 14 Venus -4.8 RD 14- western Africa
21 Mar 14 Saturn 0.3 RD 80- eatern South America, southwestern Africa
17 Apr 14 Saturn 0.2 RD 95- southern South America
14 May 14 Saturn 0.1 DD 100+ Australia, New Zealand
10 Jun 14 Saturn 0.2 DD 92+ s Africa
05 Jul 14 Mars 0.1 DD 76+ n South America, s Central America
08 Jul 14 Saturn 0.4 DD 56+ s South America
04 Aug 14 Saturn 0.6 DD 32+ w central Africa
28 Sep 14 Saturn 0.6 DD 15+ Hawaii

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